Christmas Party Drinking

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Christmas Party Drinking

Post by Corynne » 12 Dec 2019, 11:08

Christmas Party Drinking

About 84% of official workplace social events involve alcohol, according to research carried out for the Chartered Institute of Personnel and Development, and shown exclusively to Wake Up To Money.

With the Christmas party season in full flow, 40% of businesses that are planning a Christmas event say that alcohol will be freely available and paid for by the company, while 39% say alcohol will be available to buy with no limit.

The impact can be positive and negative. Four out of 10 HR managers surveyed said that alcohol can cause problems at work. But almost 50% of the managers said having some drinks at social events had a positive effect on morale and team bonding.

Christmas Parties, usually I try to avoid them. Why? Well even if you're off the clock, you're still "on it". There will be alcohol, dances and someone's bound to do something they shouldn't and wouldn't if they were still in the office. I'd rather just avoid it and save face come the next working morning!

Drink Responsibly :D

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