Hang Over Days...

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Hang Over Days...

Post by Corynne » 12 Dec 2019, 11:00

"This year I have taken two hangover days when I've been out with my friends, and I've taken three from when I've been out on work nights."

Ellie is 19 and works as a PR manager for a digital marketing agency. Like a growing number of employers, her boss offers flexible working arrangements, including flexible hours and unlimited holiday.

It also lets employees take "hangover days" where they work from the comfort of their own sofa - or even bed.

"The perk has a lot in it," Ellie told BBC 5 Live's Wake Up To Money. "It is about honesty, it's about people being able to not lie to their managers.

"But also, the idea behind it is that parents have a lot of perks at our business but there are not necessarily any for people who don't have children.

"So this is a perk for people who don't have kids."

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Where does this end? :?
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