What's the objective?

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What's the objective?

Post by DrK » 14 Feb 2019, 22:04

The primary objective of the WeAreHR.net community is to build relationships and provide a mutual support network for those who feel isolated within their current HR role. We aim for it to fill the gap that's left once your CIPD training or university education is over, and you can no longer rely on the 'safe' and supportive environment of your course peers and tutors to help you. Or the even bigger gap that's always been there for the many of you that didn't pursue the academic route into HR at all, but simply ended up carrying out that role in your company by default because no-one else was doing it.

We know exactly how isolated and lonely standalone HR positions can often be, and how overwhelming it can feel to be thrown in at the deep end as your company's sole 'HR expert', because we've been there ourselves. Likewise, we're fully aware of 'imposter syndrome'. So, we completely understand how difficult HR jobs can be when you don't have a team of other HR professionals to act as a sounding board for bouncing your ideas off, or for simply venting to when you've had a challenging and emotionally draining day.

Now we're further along in our HR careers, we'd like to pay something back to the industry that nurtured us by helping those of you who are just starting out. The founders of this community have over 20 years of experience in HR and employment law, have worked across a huge range of company types, sizes, and sectors, and have handled large strategic projects as well as many tricky employee relations cases. On top of that, we're experienced CIPD trainers, and have taught on degree and masters courses at a number of local universities. Which means that we can certainly point you in the right direction if you're not sure where you are going HR-wise.

But more importantly, our main aim here is to facilitate building a non-judgemental community of peers, where no-one is afraid of asking for assistance, because everyone is in the same boat. We want to provide a framework that helps you to help each other, and makes it easier for you to come together as a 'virtual HR team' that provides a support framework to counteract the isolation of your day-to-day work.

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